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Our curated brand portfolio includes the very best beauty brands from Korea.

In January 2023 we are launching our own K-Beauty brand Smuuti Skin. Smuuti will be launched in over 70 retail stores in Finland.

Smuuti Skin is affordable, fruity K-Beauty brand developed by Beautyko's CEO Jenni Ahokas.

Smuuti offers simple yet effective skincare with products powered by fruit.

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COSRX is known worldwide for its skincare products, and is one of the best-selling Korean skincare brands. In South Korea, the products were developed originally for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

COSRX has been researching and developing products for acne-prone skin for over 15 years. Skin-friendly yet efficient ingredients make COSRX products highly popular, and many of their customers have found help from the products to their skincare problems. Nearly scentless products with simple, minimalistic designs are suitable for all genders.

Etude is one of the most famous brands in K-beauty, both in Korea and internationally, and now we have the honor of bringing this cult brand to the Nordics.

Etude has been successfully manufactured cosmetics for the past 30 years and has built a reputation for quality product development. Beautyko Import Oy brings to the market two of Etude's most popular skin care series: the SoonJung skin care series suitable for sensitive skin and the Moistful Collagen skin care series that effectively moisturizes the skin.

Beautyko is the official distributor of Etude in Europe.

Etude suomi
snail eye cream
dewytree dark

Dewytree discovers, researches and collects plant ingredients to develop natural, skin-friendly products. Their hypoallergenic products exclude ingrendients that are harmful to the skin. Their most famous product line is their effective and anti-aging snail mucin line.

Mizon Snail ampoule + all in one snail repair cream 1
mizon logo

Mizon is a beloved skincare brand best known for their popular snail products. With over 15 patents, Mizon has developed bestsellers that help soothe sensitive and acne-prone skin, fade acne scarring and hyperpigmentation, prevent aging as well as maintain skin health throughout the years.

the saem
the saem logo2-läpinäkyvä

The slogan GLOBAL ECO sums up the SAEM's brand philosophy: international nature. To find the best ingredients, the SAEM explores habits and beauty secrets of different cultures around The World to find the best ingredients for their products.

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