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Our hand-picked brand portfolio offers the best of K-Beauty. Korean beauty brands are known for their top-notch quality and groundbreaking innovations. Our curated brand portfolio includes the very best beauty brands from Korea.

Our own brand
Smuuti Skin

Smuuti Skin is affordable, fruity K-Beauty brand developed by Beautyko’s CEO Jenni Ahokas.
Smuuti offers simple yet effective skincare for everyone with products powered by fruit and familiar actives.
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COSRX is known worldwide for its skincare products, and is one of the best-selling Korean skincare brands. In South Korea, the products were developed originally for sensitive and acne-prone skin, but now they make products for all skin types and skin concerns.

COSRX has been researching and developing effective skincare utilizing both potent extracts and active ingredients for over 15 years. Skin-friendly yet efficient ingredients make COSRX products highly popular, and many of their customers have found help from the products to their skin problems. The brand’s minimal formulas and packing in combination with thousands of positive reviews appeal to many.


Etude is one of the most famous brands in K-beauty, both in Korea and internationally. Etude has successfully manufactured best seller cosmetics for the past 30 years, and have built a reputation for quality product development. Yet, they keep their playful and trendy take on cosmetics to this day.

Beautyko Import brings to the market two of Etude’s most popular minimal skin care lines: the Soon Jung line suitable for extra sensitive skin and the Moistful Collagen line that effectively moisturizes the skin and prevents fine lines.

Latest additions to the Etude line-up are Etude’s famous makeup products focusing on lip and eye makeup.


At the core of Mixsoon’s brand are simple, clean and effective formulas using only the best ingredients extracted and fermented preserving all of the ingredients’ nutrients. Mixsoon is a vegan and cruelty free brand promoting a more minimal and sustainable skin care philosophy with healthier skin and planet in mind. Mixsoon suggests layering different toners and essences based on your skin concerns to achieve the most effective yet gentle skin care routine.

We are bringing Mixsoon’s wide range of essences and toners for different skin concerns as well as their other skin-loving best sellers.

Some By Mi

From Clean to Clinical – Some By Mi offers high-quality skin care products that use clean and natural ingredients with a clinical approach. Some By Mi conducts clinical testing for each of their products to ensure effectiveness.

In addition to natural active ingredients, Some By Mi uses several active ingredients in mild concentrations to achieve best results without excess irritation. Clear product lines for different skin concerns make the brand approachable.

Some By Mi’s 30 Day Miracle lines have gained them a cult following in the recent years and interesting product launches keep bringing in new fans.

Some By Mi

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