We are building our brand portfolio to offer the best products for our customers. If you want to sell the best Korean Beauty brands, take a look at these brands!

The Saem is a Korean skincare brand that focuses on nature and internationality.

The brand slogan GLOBAL ECO sums up its main features: international nature. To find the best ingredients, the Saem explores the habits and wisdom of different cultures, and its products are based on beauty secrets around the world.

The Saem’s the most popular skincare line has harakeke extract.

the saem europe

The pioneer of a clean and safe beauty care in Korea, AROMATICA will continuously strive to launch safe, healthy and sustainable products. AROMATICA is registered as a partner of the Vegan Society,the world’s oldest and most prestigious vegetarianorganization. To uphold the respect for life, AROMATICA is cruelty free, and strictly avoids anima derived ingredients. AROMATICA selects natural and organic ingredients to deliver safe and authentic products.

aromatica europe

SkinFood - Korean Cosmetics brands

Skinfood – Since 1957. Skinfood is one of South Korea’s well-known k-beauty brands. Skinfood has been manufacturing and developing cosmetics for almost 70 years now. Skinfood’s products are based on nutritious food ingredients and their benefits that make the skin feel better and look better. Skinfood’s ideology is based on “You are what you eat”.

Skinfood’s products include luxurious sugar face scrubs and the products contain great, natural ingredients like avocado, honey and propolis.

skinfood europe

Cosmetics + Rx (Prescription)

COSRX is known worldwide for its skincare products. COSRX is one of the best selling Korean skincare brands. In South Korea, the products were developed originally for sensitive and acne-prone skin.

COSRX has been researching and developing products for acne skin for over 15 years. Skin-friendly yet efficient ingredients make COSRX products highly popular, and many of their customers have found help from the products to their skincare problems. Almost scentless products with the simple, minimalistic design are suitable for both men and women.

cosrx europe


Eyenlip - Korean Cosmetics brands

Eyenlip is known for their affordable products but amazing quality! Eyenlip’s one of the most popular products are their affordable sheet masks.

Eyenlip is being sold for example in the biggest supermarket chain in Finland.

eyenlip europe


One of the first companies to start selling K-Beauty in Finland

The company was founded by pure passion of Korean Beauty. Jenni Ahokas, our CEO, came across K-Beauty in 2016 and loved the quality of the products. She started a online store called Beautyko and Beautyko was one of the first companies to start selling K-Beauty in Finland in 2017.

As the Korean Beauty is world famous by now, our business grew quickly and we started to distribute brands directly from Korea. At the moment we are distributing 3 brands to 5 different countries and expanding our network of retailers in Europe.

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