About Us

We are experienced K-Beauty distributor from Finland.

Why choose us?

We are experienced Korean Beauty distributor in Europe, only focusing on Korean Beauty brands. By focusing only to K-Beauty we can provide the best service to our partners.

We help small and bigger K-Beauty brands to expand their sales to Europe.


We only work with few selected Korean brands to ensure successful co-operation.


Our staff has years of experience from cosmetics industry and marketing. Highly experienced management.

4 countries

We distribute to 4 countries in Europe and expanding our network of distributors fast.

Why we love korean cosmetics

We have loved Korean Beauty from 2016. You will find unique and natural ingredients and you get better value for your money when you buy Korean brands!

Did you know that many of the beauty innovations come from Korea?

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Our Story

 The company was founded by pure passion of Korean Beauty. Jenni Ahokas, our CEO, came across K-Beauty in 2016 and loved the quality of the products. She started a online store called Beautyko and Beautyko was one of the first companies to start selling K-Beauty in Finland in 2017. 

As the Korean Beauty is world famous by now, our business grew quickly and we started to distribute brands directly from Korea.

At the moment we are distributing 2 brands to 4 different countries and expanding our network of retailers in Europe. 


Jenni Ahokas

Jenni Ahokas


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