Want to sell our products?

Are you interested about selling the world-class beauty products from Korea? We are experienced Korean Cosmetics distributor with expertise from marketing and retail. We work with smaller and bigger online and offline retailers around Europe so feel free to contact us to discuss distribution possibilities in your country!

Our warehouse is located in Helsinki Finland so there are no customs for you to worry about when placing orders. We offer fast delivery all around EU and marketing support for each of our clients.

If you are looking to become a retailer of our brands, please contact

Do you have a brand?

We are always happy to hear about new exciting brands! However, we are very selective when it comes to new brands as we want to work with only few selected brands. We want to focus on each brand and be the best possible partner for each brand.

When working with us, you will get your brand distributed to multiple online and offline retail stores in Northern Europe. We are very marketing focused with various events, pop-up stores, exhibits, PR and influencer & social media marketing.

Do you have a brand that you wish to be distributed in the Northern Europe? If you are interested about working with us, please send more information about your brand to

CPNP-registration and safety assessments

EU law requires all cosmetic products to be registered to CPNP-portal and there must be a safety assessment for each product. We are the responsible person of Eyenlip in EU and we are familiar with CPNP-registration and safety assessments. All of our products are registered to CPNP -portal and have the safety assessment.

If your brand needs to be registered to EU, we can help you out.

One of the first companies to start selling K-Beauty in Finland

The company was founded by pure passion of Korean Beauty. Jenni Ahokas, our CEO, came across K-Beauty in 2016 and loved the quality of the products. She started a online store called Beautyko and Beautyko was one of the first companies to start selling K-Beauty in Finland in 2017.

As the Korean Beauty is world famous by now, our business grew quickly and we started to distribute brands directly from Korea. At the moment we are distributing 3 brands to 5 different countries and expanding our network of retailers in Europe.

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