Korean cosmetics have gained great popularity in recent years and nowadays you can find Korean cosmetics even in grocery stores. K-Beauty is no longer just a small trend that has to be bought on eBay, but K-Beauty is constantly strengthening their position in European cosmetics market. What is Korean beauty brands so popular?

Why should you try Korean cosmetics?

Korean products have a really good price / quality ratio. The products are really high quality but still affordable. Korean skin care products generally contain ingredients that are used only in selective cosmetics in Western countries. In Korea, for example, a basic lotion may contain hyaluronic acid and collagen, while in the Western countries these ingredients are only found in selective cosmetics.

So buying Korean cosmetics will give you better quality skin care products at a great price. Korean skin care products also contain high-quality and effective ingredients that are not widely used in Western countries. Snail mucin is one of the best known ingredients in Korean cosmetics that repairs and rejuvenates the skin. Snail mucin is therefore a very popular ingredient in Korean anti-age products.

The most popular category in Korean cosmetics is definitely different sheet masks. Korean sheet masks contain a lot of moisturizing and nourishing ingredient and the effect is really visible on the skin. So, sheet masks are by no means just an unnecessary skincare step.

K-Beauty products are really natural

Korean cosmetics are also natural (but rarely completely organic). Whereas in the western countries 1% plant extract means natural, in Korea the natural raw material content can be as high as 95%. For example, Korean aloe products may contain up to 95% aloe vera while corresponding western aloe products may contain only a few percent of aloe vera. Korean cosmetics are also known for new cosmetic innovations and world-class product development.

Korea has become a mecca for the cosmetics industry in the 21st century. Up to 90% of innovation in the cosmetics industry comes from Korea, and driven by fierce competition, brands invest millions in product development. When competition is fierce, products need to be better and more efficient. For this reason, Korean cosmetics are truly effective and you rarely find Korean products that do not meet the higher quality criteria. For Korean innovations to come to Western cosmetics usually take years.

You must have come across BB creams and cushion makeup, they all are from Korea. If you haven’t already tried K-Beauty products, you definitely should.